Align to Improve

The key to improved performance.

The key to improved performance and effective operations.

Companies that survive and thrive outperform their competitors either by providing their customers with either greater value, similar value at a lower price or both. The root of the advantage comes from operations – all of the activities required to create, produce, sell and deliver products to customers. Sustained competitive advantage occurs when these activities are aligned to provide market leading value, even when some competitors may be stronger at certain activities. Market leading value is the foundation from which companies survive and thrive

Alignment of operational activities is essential to improve performance and ultimately establish sustainable market leadership. The plans of each functional area – product, sales, marketing, supply operations and finance – must reflect the activities of their counterparts. Activities managed in isolation, despite meaningful dependencies to other functions, are sure to reduce operational effectiveness and risk impacting market position. 

Most companies have some form of a process in place to align functional activities. While the names vary – Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP), Executive S&OP, Sales Inventory and Operations Planning (SIOP) or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) – the primary purpose is the same, cross-functional alignment. Examples of successful aligned planning initiatives are not hard to find, however far too many companies have realized only a small portion of the potential.

Valizant helps companies realize the true potential from aligned planning and achieve effective operations. Our proven methodology provides a low-risk, high-impact, quick-results approach to establish or upgrade your aligned planning processes.  

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