Accelerating Time to Value.

Services designed to accelerate alignment and performance.

S&OP Upgrade

Most companies have established processes to align functional activities. Whether it’s called S&OP, IBP, or another variation, the primary purpose is cross-functional alignment. Examples of successful aligned planning initiatives are not hard to find, however far too many companies have realized only a small portion of the potential.

Valizant helps companies realize the true potential from aligned planning and achieve effective operations. Utilizing a proven methodology, our S&OP Upgrade provides a low-risk, high-impact, quick-results approach to establish or upgrade aligned planning processes.

  • Ensure strategy is realized with better integration of strategic and functional plans.
  • Fully utilize resources to achieve strategy by aligning functional plans and activities.
  • Breakthrough functional silos with improved collaboration and transparency.
  • Establish a resilient and repeatable process that adapts to changing conditions while maintaining strategic bearings.

Aligned Planning Assessment

Misalignments between people, process, technology and data have a direct impact on corporate performance and yet are often unidentified until viewed in the context of the overall process. Other times the disconnects are well known to some functions but not to other parts of the organization. Many companies do not have the available resources to fully explore the organizational flow to determine the impact of misalignments and the ROI from resolution.

Valizant’s Aligned Planning Assessment enables companies to identify the misalignments that can cause the unproductive use of resources and assess the return on the time and effort to correct.

Solution Implementation

Companies realize value in half the time with Valizant solutions. With innovative solution design, next-generation technology, high-impact deployment and agile methodology, Valizant customers realize improvement in 12 weeks or less with minimized risk. A stark difference to the 4 to 6 months solution providers typically require.

  • Innovative Solution Design -Valizant solutions reflect the team’s deep understanding of modern supply chain challenges and expertise in next-generation technology.
  • World’s Most Powerful Modeling Engine – the Anaplan platform provides unmatched versatility and transparency. Modelers implement and evaluate new features in real-time on the cloud-based Anaplan platform. No time-consuming platform coding changes or QA are required.
  • Road to Performance – A roadmap comprised of short segments, none more than three months. Short segment duration greatly reduces design and requirements risk since visibility to the solution begins within weeks and testing in less than two months.
  • Agile Implementation – Valizant methodology follows an agile approach to minimize risk and accelerate time to value. Implementation teams work in short, focused, phases. Each one building on the others. Phases are completed in 8 to 12 weeks.

Data Exchange

Supply chain planning, by its very nature, requires exchanging data with both internal and external systems. Establishing a seamless data flow is a prerequisite to realizing value from supply chain planning initiatives. Yet most IT departments are already backlogged and may not have the bandwidth to support new projects.

Valizant minimizes IT department burden by leveraging existing data feeds or by extracting data directly from source systems.

Valizant Data Exchange services offer the following capabilities:

  • Comprehensive Integration Services – Data staging, cleansing, standardization, transformation, and aggregation.
  • Data Hub – Consolidation of data from source systems for multi-application use.
  • Orphan Data Management
  • Data Quality Reporting
  • Data Archival

After deployment, Valizant Managed Services allows IT departments to focus on top priorities while ensuring quality data flow.