Anaplan Live

Connect with Valizant at Anaplan Live!

The Valizant team will be in San Jose as a sponsor of Anaplan Live! It will be great to meet face-to-face with customers and the Anaplan team – both in our booth (S4) and around the venue. We are excited to share more about Valizant solutions, built exclusively on the Anaplan platform, that empower companies to achieve the best available connected supply chain planning.   

The agenda has a great lineup of keynote speakers from the Anaplan executive team, focusing on themes that include transforming business through access to timely, relevant information, and driving greater agility through use of machine learning in connected planning. The breakout sessions dig deeper into a range of Anaplan planning capabilities in finance, workforce management, sales, supply chain and procurement.

The last track is particularly relevant as many companies are putting a strong emphasis on demand planning and sales and operations planning (S&OP) given the ongoing challenges with the global supply chain. We are all painfully aware of the problems faced by factory shutdowns, overcrowded ports and lack of truckers during the COVID-19 pandemic. These issues caused a decline in revenue for many companies as products were delayed.

Elastic Connected Planning Overcomes Global Supply Chain Challenges

We also saw success stories rise out of these challenging times, with customers like Bauer Hockey, Springs Window Fashions and Stryker Medical using Valizant to achieve double digit improvements in demand planning and forecast accuracy, and significantly shortening their business planning cycles. Our customers were able to apply the combined power of Valizant solutions on Anaplan to successfully navigate supply chain disruptions. In the process, they minimized lost sales, high inventory investments and unhappy customers, while maintaining or growing their revenue while competitors struggled.

What sets Valizant apart for our customers? Our solutions are built on the Anaplan platform and are configured to support the way a company does business. We call this capability “elastic connected planning.” Our cloud-based solutions enable manufacturers and distributors to deploy solutions with a perfect fit that can quickly stretch to accommodate changing business conditions and customer requirements – something even more critical in today’s volatile market. 

Anaplan enables Valizant to deliver unparalleled flexibility. Anaplan’s no-code technology gives business owners the control they need to easily revise their planning solution as needed. They no longer have to wait for IT teams or technology provider enhancements and risk falling further out of step with critical planning.

With Valizant elastic connected planning, users proactively address the impact of changing business conditions on their plans. Instead of resorting to spreadsheets and manual processes, Valizant users easily revise plans leveraging live information in a single source to align supply and demand. Planners explore scenarios based on real-time data and evaluate system recommendations before adopting the optimal plan.   

This innovative combination of Valizant and Anaplan technology delivers an always-on planning environment, giving real-time insights into all factors impacting the supply chain. Valizant solutions support end-to-end supply chain planning – from demand, inventory and capacity planning all the way through S&OP.

Our Focus: Demand Planning and S&OP

Two key aspects of supply chain planning that will be featured at Anaplan Live! are demand planning and S&OP. We have extensive experience providing solutions in both areas and are excited to share case studies with attendees needing greater accuracy and efficiency in those key aspects of supply chain planning. 

Our Demand Planning & Collaboration (DPA) solution allows sales, marketing, product management, finance and operations to seamlessly collaborate, exchanging all relevant information in a single, trusted source. DPA’s machine learning-assisted statistical forecasting and promotion planning support sell-in, sell-through and rate-of-sale planning. Going even further, Valizant provides side-by-side comparisons of upside opportunities to improve customer revenue and bottom lines. 

Our S&OP solution gives executives live access to the information needed to drive alignment of demand, inventory, capacity and finance. Live analyses enable evaluation of current capacity, inventory trade-offs, working capital and impact on margins, with scenario approval and deployment at a single click. Monthly S&OP decks are automatically generated to inform management discussions.

Interested in learning more about how Valizant on Anaplan can improve your supply chain planning? Visit us during Anaplan Live! We’ll be in Booth S4, hosting demonstrations and sharing how customers achieve greater success with Valizant on Anaplan.