Supply Chain
Planning Solutions
on the Anaplan platform

Reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction, and profitably align to market opportunities with end-to-end supply chain planning.
Your aligned planning program is pivotal to your effective operations journey and delivering superior customer value.­

It has taken a significant commitment from your organization to align processes across functions. Your organization is working together like never before and you are already seeing improvement.

Some improvisation was required since your existing systems do not support the cross-functional planning and data collection needed. You have filled in the gaps with Excel which helps establish alignment and validates the potential of the program. But it is not a scalable approach because most of the planning cycle ends up being consumed with assembling, validating and reconciling data from different sources. Then plans from each function, often in different planning terms, are converted into a comprehensive plan. That leaves little time for actual planning and analysis. Decision-making is delayed and that directly impacts the performance metrics you have targeted for improvement.

Aligned planning technology enables companies to overcome this barrier and begin planning on day one of the planning cycle. The right technology can automatically collect and validate source data into a single model which makes reconciliation of disparate plans and planning term conversion unnecessary. All plans originate from the same data so the entire organization is aligned.

On the journey to effective operations, major progress occurs when people and process are aligned and technology enables automation. Supply Chain Planning Solutions from Valizant provide seamless flow across functions and leverage the power and flexibility of the Anaplan platform.

Learn how Valizant Supply Chain Planning Solutions accelerate your journey to effective operations