Valizant Launches Xentrl to Power Business Transformation Processes

LONG BEACH, Calif. — March 2, 2022 — Valizant, an innovator in real-time supply chain planning solutions tailored to a company’s business practices, today announced the commercial launch of Xentrl, a real-time collaboration and process navigation tool that helps businesses make faster and better decisions. Initially developed as a tool to aid Valizant’s software implementation team, Xentrl is now available for any organization that requires a comprehensive and dynamic view into critical business processes, and provides teams with the flexibility to make changes on the fly. 

“Xentrl was born out of the need to foster collaboration across all supply chain stakeholders within our customers’ organizations. No commercially available solution delivered the capabilities we needed, so Valizant custom developed a dynamic and interactive platform enabling all business transformation participants to navigate through complex, interrelated processes instantly,” said Ed Lewis, president and CEO of Valizant. “For more than five years, Xentrl has been integral to our customers’ success, mapping and illuminating both existing and future-state workflows, and allowing them to easily implement complex changes for global teams. Now we are thrilled to provide this solution to any business streamlining their transformation processes.”

Most organizations rely on multiple tools to collect requirements, design processes, generate user stories, manage solution development and testing, provide knowledge management and standard operating procedures, with all the details recorded in dozens of documents that are sent via email or stored on a shared drive.

As the first cloud-based solution that can manage any transformation process and project, Xentrl eliminates these linear processes to support simultaneous collaboration by remote teams throughout every digital transformation journey. Xentrl is the only solution available today that can combine these capabilities in a single, live platform. 

Integrating All Components of Business Transformation

Enhanced for commercial launch, the latest version of Xentrl enables the complete design and management of business transformation for organizations of all sizes. In addition to its existing process design, process management and solution design functions, Xentrl now features significant new capabilities, including:  

  • Project management support with full requirements gathering and collaboration through fully featured user stories
  • Agile sprints
  • Kan-ban boards 
  • Project timelines 

For any organization on a transformation journey, Xentrl provides an integrated way to document, collaborate and finalize every aspect of that transformation. The solution delivers a  live environment for moving through each step of the transformation with full participation, regardless of stakeholders’ geography or time zone. 

“As North America’s premier window covering company, our planning processes are incredibly complex,” said Mickey Klicka, manager, Demand Planning & Analysis for Springs Window Fashions. “Xentrl’s multi-dimensional modeling allows our teams to create robust new processes by resolving gaps we would not have seen using any other tool.”

Xentrl is now available to any organization on a subscription basis. For more information, visit Xentrl.

About Valizant

Valizant transforms supply chain planning for manufacturers and enables better alignment to customer demand and business objectives. By leveraging advanced technologies that provide actionable insights and automate routine activities, Valizant empowers companies of all sizes to embrace change, drive market-leading performance and deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. Rooted in the power of the Anaplan platform and its own Xentrl real-time collaboration and process navigation tool, Valizant connects live information from diverse sources for seamless supply and demand planning. The result: An always-on planning environment with real-time insights that optimizes actions to meet customer demand and execute planning policy, and is used to explore scenarios for up-side alternatives. With time-to-value measured in weeks instead of months, Valizant delivers double-digit improvement in supply chain performance and greater customer satisfaction. With Valizant, supply chain planners can free up 15 hours per week and achieve 30% improvement in supply chain performance. Valizant is headquartered in Long Beach, Calif.

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